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The Dungeness and 3 Crabs Neighborhood in the fall

September 29th, 2013 by OBA

The Dungeness and 3 Crabs neighborhood in the fall are a totally different experience from summer. 3Crabs road is so so quiet!  The summer dwellers who own the many vacation homes on the beach have gone south or to wherever they live their “normal” lives.  The vacation homes that are weekly rentals are much quieter too so the few folks who live here year around love this time of year.

A variety of birds are gathering for their annual migration south. There are thousands of Canadian Geese, Brants, Widgeons, Herons and duck of all types. We have had to close our windows because of what we call the bird cocktail party every night.  Of course we also close our windows because the temperature has cooled down a bit too.

The wind pattern shifts to west to east and so does the current.  The beach now accumulates broken el grass with ebbs and flows with the current. One of my favorite images is that of Heron

bird yacht

Heron on bird yacht

using the bunches of el grass as floating islands, we call them bird yachts of course that is anything that birds stand on that floats in the bay but now it is el grass mounds.

Crabbing season is closed to residents and opens to commercial crabbers and the boats dot Dungeness Bay.  Also there is some commercial fishing dories as there was a record setting return of wild salmon to the Dungeness River and the fish folks don’t want the hatchery raised salmon to swim up the river and mingle with the wild fish.

You too could share these wonderful fall experience if you choose to live in our neighborhood. Here is the perfect home with the best view of all the wildlife and water without the waterfront issues.  Check it out,